Auto-Shelving for Closets?

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    Showing closet shelving in a plan view is one of those tedious yet necessary steps in drafting that really could benefit from a touch of automation along the lines of the auto-electrical outlets feature.

    In Envisioneer the process of simply representing a closet shelf in a 2d plan view is very time-consuming for a drafting element that rarely gets seen in a 3d model. Further, the collision control for current shelf elements doesn’t recognize finish-to-finish wall dimensions and won’t insert unless you change the shelf property length to deduct a min. 1/16″ from the closet’s finish length.

    This becomes even more apparent when processing revisions to a plan, where changing a closet’s dimensions means you’ll likely spend much more time re-adjusting the shelving’s length properties in that closet than you’ll spend changing the closet’s wall dimensions.

    Dynamic shelving that auto-adjusts to a closet’s walls would be great. A command/tool that allowed one to simply click inside a closet’s area and define a set of shelves that were then inserted would be REALLY nice.

    Manual custom insertions are great when needed for visual 3d rendering but for production 2d plans drafting the act of showing closet shelving really shouldn’t be such an involved modeling process.

    end rambling thought/


    Good ideas! We will add that to our wish list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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