Different Pricing for small Quantities

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    Most prices are for house lots. When remodelling these prices aren’t adequate to cover sub-contractors.

    For example, only 66.24sqm of plasterboard & 35m of cornice in converting a double garage to extra bedroom and home office. Is it possible to tell Envisioneer that if the plasterboard required is less than 100sqm, add an extra 15% to the cost and if there’s less than 50 l.m. of cornice, add 17.5% /later, or should that be done in Quote Generator? /end afterthought

    Actually it would be better if done per location. Picture a job where the home has to be elevated & slid back from the front alignment, built in underneath as well as being built to side boundary to accommodate a double garage. GF will be done first then trades return to renovate upstairs once GF is livable.

    Quantities downstairs would be comparable to a new home (thus not needing a surcharge) but upstairs would.

    I’d prefer NOT to have separate entries in the catalogue as jobs tend to change as the design progresses &  one would have to remember to check if the first item needs to be REPLACEd every time changes are made.



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    Sorry can’t help you with that cause i don’t even use those features i already thought it would be fun to play around with but never got that far. I only do the blueprints the contractors like to do their own estimates and supplies list,

    But i already wondered how acurate is it actually is when you do it that way?

    Just curious for future knowledge so i know what to expect if i ever would use it.



    As accurate as you want it to be! Just watch all the available videos.

    /begin small print

    But nobody can factor in the insanity that’s prevailing here due to COVID. Building has gone crazy. Plasterers (drywall=plasterboard in Oz) either won’t even quote small repair jobs OR want AU$1500+ in cash for a day’s work!

    /end small print

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