The Importance of Offering Home Design on Your Site.

The Importance of Offering Home Design on Your Website

The home improvement market is growing year over year and, according to Statista, will surpass the trillion-dollar mark by 2027.

As a manufacturer, artisan, and designer servicing this market, that comes as great news. However, consumers’ shopping expectations and methods are evolving. For example, consumers expect a personalized experience with instant gratification. As a result, retailers must offer a digital customer experience or be left behind.

You have the opportunity to create an immersive shopping experience for your customers that puts them in the driver’s seat, right where they demand to be.

Visualizers allow consumers to see the products in their homes and feel confident in their selections, hence shortening the decision time. Epsilon released data indicating 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that offers personalized experiences. Additionally, according to Smart Insights, 63% will stop doing business with you if you don’t provide a personalized experience. An exceptional customer experience also promotes sharing—an excellent way to gain more customers.

Personal Architect empowers the consumer in a personalized easy-to-use interface that makes designing their space fun. Personal Architect is a good fit for a responsive retail opportunity to engage clients on their initial purchase journey online and capture their merchandise preferences to complete purchases in any

Personal Architect has a clean interface that can run on any device and design any room. Let the consumer dictate when they can work on a project, even if they are sitting in the stands waiting for their child’s soccer game to start on a smartphone. Getting help when a consumer needs it is also a key factor. Personal Architect offers real-time collaborative, interactive design sessions when the consumer needs the extra support of an associate. Let them work simultaneously on the project so the momentum can keep moving forward.

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