The Power of Personalization.

The Power of Personalization

McKinsey & Company predicts that personalization is the future for retail.

The key to gaining and retaining new customers is being acutely aware of their needs and trends in the industry and building experiences that exceed their expectations. By using a design tool on your website, you are creating a hub full of rich data. As clients select, insert, delete and exchange one product for another, you unleash trend data and learn what products are most popular or no longer desirable. Data from the online experience provides a more personalized experience and a gold mine of insight for your marketing team and merchandisers. The customer selections also reveal geographic trends when clients in one urban area predominantly select one product and customers in another rural area select another.

Forbes has predicted increased online buying. An online strategy to offer an easy, engaging experience to facilitate purchases for the home is necessary to survive in the online shopping arena. In that same article, Forbes reported that we are in a Do-It-Yourself era. Homeowners are renovating and redecorating, and many of them are tackling the jobs themselves – give them the confidence they need to purchase with an engaging design tool right on your website.

Fun and engaging is the experience that Personal Architect can unleash for your customers. Not only is Personal Architect an engaging design tool, but it offers back-end analytics to give you the insight that you need to make informed merchandising decisions. So as your customers select furnishings, wall coverings, pieces of art, windows, and doors, all of that merchandise information is available for your interpretation and sales forecasting. Contact us to see how we can make this all happen for you.

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