Adding Rooms to Your Project.

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The Rooms icon reveals added room shapes and single walls that you can add to your project.

Select the form that you want and move your cursor onto the project screen. The outline of the room you are inserting will appear red if you try to overlap the existing space. It will appear as a green outline if you insert it adjacent to an existing room. Once you have the room in the desired location, left-click to insert it.

To insert a single wall, select the single wall icon. Then, left-click to start the wall and left-click again where you want it to stop, and a wall will form. Select the single wall icon again if you need additional walls. Every wall inserted using the Rooms tools can be moved and deleted as required.

  • Rooms Tool Rooms Tool Used for adding room shapes and single walls.
  • Insert Wall Tool Insert Wall Tool Used for inserting singular walls into rooms.