How to Edit Elements.

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When you select an element, like a wall, it will highlight.

The selected element is now active. Dimensions will appear to indicate the length of the wall and the distance between it and other surrounding walls. Holding down your left mouse button, you can slide the wall into a new position. The dimensions will update while you are moving the wall.

Instead of the Zoom tools, you will notice that there is now a Move icon and a Delete icon. The Move tool automatically activates when you select the wall, and if you choose the Delete tool, the wall will disappear.

At the top of the tools docked on the left icon bar, you will find an Undo icon that will undo your last revision. Once you select Undo, the Redo icon will appear to allow you to redo the modification.

Above the Undo icons is the Save icon to save your work as you go. When you force a save, you can add an iteration note that helps remind you what you did during this revision. Finally, the Exit icon will take you out of this project and let you start another.

  • Move Tool Move Tool Used for moving elements.
  • Delete Tool Delete Tool Used for deleting elements.
  • Undo Tool Undo Tool Used for undoing actions.
  • Undo Tool Redo Tool Used for redoing undone actions.
  • Save Tool Save Tool Used for saving the current state of your project.
  • Exit Tool Exit Tool Used for exiting your current project back to the dashboard.