Navigating Your Space in 3D.

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There are two different 3D modes, Orbit Mode and Walk Mode.

Orbit Mode will initially place you above and outside the project.

Next, hold down your mouse button, and you will orbit around the model. If you move the scroll wheel on your mouse, you will Zoom in or out.

In Walk mode your vantage point comes from a camera at eye level inside the project. Hold down your mouse button, and you will pan around the room.

Walk mode initiates an onscreen navigation tool. If you place your finger or mouse over the tool and hold it down, you will start to move through the model, and a circle will appear on the navigation tool to show you which way you are moving.

On the sidebar, to the left, the Reset icon can place the project back in its original view if you get lost in your navigation.

3D Modes

  • Orbit Mode Orbit Mode Used for orbiting around the 3D space.
  • Walk Mode Walk Mode Used for walking around the 3D space.

Featured Tools

  • Reset Tool Reset Tool Used to reset your view of the space.