Understanding Furnishing.

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The Furnish Icon includes furniture, appliances, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, electronics, and accessories to add to your project.

Each sub-folder element type will have different filtering options to pare down the selections and find the best element for your project. Once you select an element under the Furnish category and insert it into a project, you can choose it in the project to Move or Rotate it. The rotate function displays an onscreen rotation indicator to help you precisely rotate the element to the perfect angle. On the sidebar, Furnish elements also evoke the Information and Delete icons. In addition, the Information dialog box will give details about the selected element and offer the ability to orbit the element so you can see it from various vantage points.

  • furnish Tool Furnish Tool Used to select and add different pieces.
  • Move Tool Move Tool Used to move selected items around your space.
  • Rotate Tool Rotate Tool Used to rotate selected items in place.

Material Selection

  • Select Furniture Select Furniture Used to select and add furniture.
  • Select Appliances Select Appliances Used to select and add appliances.
  • Select Cabinets Select Cabinets Used to select and add cabinets.
  • Select Plumbing Select Plumbing Used to select and add plumbing.
  • Select Lights Select Lights Used to select and add lights.
  • Select Electronics Select Electronics Used to select and add electronics.
  • Select Decor Select Decor Used to select and add decor.